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10 Zatsepy street
Lutsk, Volyn region, Ukraine

Mon - Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sat, Sun - closed
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We are always looking for great talents who are passionate, collaborative and skilled professionals.
Our team includes thinkers and makers who really like what we do and we do it great. Our company is about open-minded people who love technology and love to implement complex ideas in real life. Members of our team work every day within their limits to help businesses grow and develop. Dreamext team believe that success comes when a lot of efforts were made by every member of a team to create excellent products.
We offer opportunities to participate in development and promotion of interesting and innovative projects. From engineering to business analytics, from artificial intelligence implementation to marketing campaigns, and so much more to make your dreams a reality!

If you’re ready to move your career forward - feel free to apply for a position below. We are looking for people who love to learn and we encourage this desire. We want skilled individuals who can share their talents with others. We need those who are not afraid of challenges and can solve complicated tasks effortlessly. We offer competitive salaries and a very friendly and inspiring environment to grow.

Don’t be afraid to make your first step to a successful career in IT!
Feel in the form below!
We are hiring!
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