Multidimensional IT solutions and startup development
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Our services
Dreamext Company transforms
new ideas into innovations
Our team includes experienced, talented and skilled designers, developers, engineers and startups implementers. We provide a wide range of services:
Extraordinary and creative approach allows us to better understand the brand in order to come up with ground-breaking ideas and solutions that will definitely make a great impact on the target audience.
2D & 3D Animations
UX & UI Design
We use modern technologies to develop and
optimize complex systems.
Creative Development
Web Integrations
Mobile Apps
Back-End Development
We help startups at all stages of their development, implementation and growth. We develop and promote both, our own and external projects. We come up with solutions that help to automate business, as well as help with business planning and fundraising, we carry out professional evaluation of startups and give legal advice services.
MVP Development
Project & Product Management
Support & Planning
Work with clients from USA
Our technologies
UX & UI Design,
Front-end, Back-end
We build state-of-the-art frontend solutions based on HTML5 and the latest JavaScript frameworks. We create cross-platform mobile applications with React Native.
We deliver modern client-server apps using Symfony and Laravel frameworks. We engineer reliable software with Node.js
We have physical and virtual resources that support the flow, storage, processing and analysis of data. We use mySQL, mongoDB, postgreSQL to identify and control access to data.
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