Our services
Solutions developed by Dreamext company
ensure the success of your project
We are a productive and solid team of professionals with years of experience. We generate ideas and help them to grow into big and successful startups. We are ready to support your startup at all stages of its development as well.
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Audit of startups.
We conduct a full audit of startups from A to Z. We will determine the relevance, profitability and all potential risks of your ideas and plans. We will conduct examination and testing of the prototype, investigate the level of competition and the level of legal protection of intellectual property.
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Promotion services.
We offer promotion services. We analyze and raise business to a new level. We are engaged in SMM, Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), banner and contextual advertising. We issue press releases in the media, publish articles on thematic resources. We conduct analytics. We plan and assist in conducting offline events, exhibitions, negotiations, presentations, workshops, hackathons.
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Investment support.
Investment support. Preparation and conduct of due diligence for startups, formation of investment strategies, RoadShow, RoadMaps, business plans, economic calculations and indicators. Formation of investment presentations.
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Marketing research.
We prepare marketing research projects, analyze the opinion of different segments of the target audience about the future startup, and possible risks. We select a successful implementation and development strategy.
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Consulting services.
We provide consulting services. We help to understand the technical documentation of both new and existing projects. We will summarize competent analytics in the form of tables, graphs, presentations with specific figures, indicators and comments.
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Outsourcing partner.
R&D. Your reliable outsourcing partner. Open to cooperation on full technical development and maintenance of existing software products. Effective system of HR-management and selection of professional staff in projects. Full legal and financial transparency of cooperation.
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Technical work.
We successfully perform all stages of technical work. We plan, design, develop, test, scale and maintain your software.